Tips on Getting a Girl to Like You (Precious Guide)

Tips on Getting a Girl to Like You (Precious Guide)

August 27, 2022 0 By admin

For getting a girl’s love, all a man can see is a big storm of feelings warning him to stay away from a girl before getting rejected. It always amazes me that why a man always gives the power of validation to the girl and make himself vulnerable in her eyes. Now, I am not saying that you should not purpose a girl but you should at least create high attraction for getting a girl to like you.

To captivate a girl’s heart, you can not only rely on body language, pick-up lines or interesting conversation. These things definitely reward you the attentions of girls but never make them like you as their man. Furthermore, you can not sustain the magical attraction in long-term relationship with only these things. That’s why; one of the most important questions that get asked from me frequently is… “What are the real secret tips on getting a girl to like you?”

Amazingly, there are some unique challenges in attraction which no one covers in dating or relationship advice. Once you dominate those challenges with success, you won’t only get girls like you but also make them feel the new depths of feelings and intimacy for you. Even more importantly, you will become the chosen one for girls.


Actually, there are two things which you have to master before enjoying the most exciting love life you could ever imagine.

1. Elements of Attraction.
2. Girls’ Indicators of Interests (IOIs).

Before highlighting above points, let me tell you the default body language which you have to master before getting girls to love you. As it is the most initial step, you have to correct your body language for the sake of your love life, dating and successful career.

• Never cross arms in front of your chest; keep your hands out of your pocket always.
• There should be always one foot distance between your feet while you standing.
• Keep your head straight and make your gaze strong.
• Never ever fidget. Slow down your movements.
• Use deep voice; speak from your chest instead of neck. It not only creates mystery but also projects you as a thrilling man.
• Keep your conversation interesting and full of fun.


Girls are the second meaning of feelings. For men, they had never been easy to understand because their decisions depend on their feelings, unconsciously. They are naturally drawn to those men who hold the most elements of attraction. So, here are few precious tips on getting a girl to like you.

• Environment Effect: This is where all the super pick-up artists and fake players prove themselves unreal. Girls/Women notice you so closely always. If you are making her laugh, maintaining confident body language but standing near the bathroom or stairs, you are projecting yourself an unreal man. Your position in the environment always plays a very important role for your personality. I hope this note has opened your eyes… Your values, high status and confidence fade away when you put yourself on wrong placement in the environment.

A man always picks a comfortable spot after entering into the room and notice things one by one around him. Whereas, a woman picture the whole scenario in one glance; she notice the color of the walls, background and space before picking up her spot. This is the natural difference between men and women. So, try to keep yourself away from stairs, bathrooms, room corners and doors. Keep yourself on good open positions. For example, stand or sit in center of the room like you own the space.

• Be the Chosen One: Men are especially vulnerable when it comes to be the chosen one. Unfortunately, they think that by using pick-up lines or interesting conversations they can get the kkvsh love them but these things make them fall into the friend’s category. You can entertain a girl with your funny stories or attractive attitudes but you can never be the chose one for girls without your positive inner qualities.

A girl desires an “ELITE MAN” in her life. An elite man always keeps the sparks of interest alive in his life. He is the leader and makes people follow his positive beliefs. In caveman days, he looked for physical challenges, which was highly attractive for women. His physical activities make him a handyman and get women’s heart racing with excitement. He is a tough guy who loves the challenges of life. His passions and plans in work make him highly exciting and attractive. Project these qualities and make girls follow you entire life.

Seen the difference between a pick-up artist and an “Elite Man”? That’s why; getting a girl to love you is very easy if you be an elite man.


There are many tips on getting a girl to like you but are you missing the girls’ indicators of interests during conversations or meetings? Well, you should not miss the IOIs of girls ever. A girl’s IOIs give you the clear clue whether she is genuinely interested in you or not. According to experts of women’s psychology, when a girl touches you while talking or look at you for no apparent reason then it simply means that she is highly interested in you.

As you heard me say, girls are the second meaning of feelings. They show their feelings through their body language. That’s why, “A girl always faces you during conversation and touches her neck, collar bones and hairs if she is highly interested in you.” Now, here I am giving you a secret tip which will always help you to find out whether a girl is sexually interested in you or not.

• NOTICE HER NOSTRILS: In your presence or during conversation, “Slightly swell nostrils of a girl will always tell you that she is sexually interested in you.” A nose of a girl always tells you the truth.