You may have wished once upon a time to make it some where over the rainbow to a place where blue birds fly, but once you’ve gotten there you only desired to find a quick way to make it home. If tapping your ankles together three times worked for you stop here and read no further. But if this trick did not work, please continue on.

How did Dorothy encounter so many interesting characters as traveled down the yellow brick road into Emerald City? The most basic answer is that she was dressed to impress. If you head to your local costume shop you may able to find the Dorthy braided lace wig costume that fits you. If not you can make your own, by buying a light blue pattern fabric and sewing a dress which has an overall top and skirt which reaches right beyond the knees. A white t shirt, which has ballooned shoulders should be worn underneath your dress and blue socks within a pair of red ruby shoes should be on your feet.

Locks of love gave Dorothy the support to captivate all the people that she met. Would the tin man, lion, and scarecrow be interested in talking to her if it wasn’t for her braided pigtails tied with blue ribbons? I think not. In order to manifest an enchanting look that will attract the leading characters down your path of life, order a Dorothy costume wig.

How can one survive tornadoes, wicked witches and be content going back to a peaceful life in Kansas? The answer is loyal companionship. Dorothy never let Toto get out of her sight. The toy pup rode in style in a small picnic basket which Dorothy could carry around wherever she went. Knowing that she had man’s best friend by her side, Dorothy never felt alone and was reinforced with the courage to persevere.

Still feeling a little lost and looking for a way to make it back to the comforts of home? Take some time and think about all the friends and family which bring out your inner strength. While at times it might seem that we must travel down a lonely road called life, the love from true friends and family can sustain you through the darkest of alleys. Once you have realized the everlasting strength of this love you can will have the capability to tap your heals three times and make it home.

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