4 Tips to Keep Your Felt Cowboy Hat Looking Good

4 Tips to Keep Your Felt Cowboy Hat Looking Good

October 22, 2022 0 By admin

No matter what material your hat is made out of, even if it’s a felt cowboy hat, when proper care is taken, they will last a lot longer. If you’re going to spend a good amount of money on a decent hat, you want it to last and look good for as long as possible. The following tips should help.

Here are 4 Tips to keep your cowboy hat looking new.

– When storing your hat it is always best to keep it in it’s original box. A lot of people throw out the box. If you don’t have the original box, always sit it with the brim down. This will keep the shape of the hat intact.

– Always handle your felt hat by the brim. Pick it up by the brim. Adjust it by the brim.
This will also help your Hat holder keep it’s shape. When you are handling your hat make sure your hands are clean.

– Keep your hat away from the extreme heat. Don’t leave it on top of a radiator in your home, near a heating vent or in an steaming hot car. These western hats have sweat bands inside of them. The excessive heat will make this band shrink. The next time you go to wear your felt hat it won’t fit.

– Don’t let your hat get wet. If your hat gets wet it will lose some of its shape. Sometimes it is unavoidable when you get caught out in the rain. There are rain covers for this type of hat that will protect them from the moisture. If your felt cowboy hat does get wet, simply use your clean hands to reshape it to the original form.